The Grapehound Wine Tour, Inc.
Celebrating greyhounds in the Finger Lakes
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How We Got Started

The Grapehound Wine Tour began with an idea in 2006 to start a new type of greyhound event which was not held in a parking lot (like Greyhounds Reach the Beach or Greyhounds in Gettysburg) or at a hotel.  We wanted to start an event where there was plenty of places to sit, where hotels discounted their rates and waived pet fees, and where people were treated in a personal and friendly way.    We also wanted to donate all proceeds of our event to underfunded greyhound adoption groups in the region.  Most events give all their proceeds to a single adoption group, while The Grapehound Wine Tour® donates to dozens of groups.

At the same time we started visiting the wineries in the Finger Lakes of New York and realized that many folks might share our love of wine tasting, greyhounds and beautiful scenery.  We negotiated wine tasting with our greyhounds at area wineries.  We asked hotels to waive pet fees and many did.  We scheduled our first event on a Saturday in July, 2006.

Two hundred and twenty seven brave souls showed up for the first Grapehound Wine Tour event, and more have showed up every year during the eight years since.  This will be our tenth anniversary in the Finger Lakes and during our run we have raised tens of thousands of dollars to give to greyhound adoption groups.

We hope greyhound folks will continue to visit us in the Finger Lakes and enjoy their wines and breath-taking scenery for years to come.