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Grapehounds Mask(s)

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Our Grapehound Wine Tour® designer mask is a three-ply cloth face mask in your choice of purple or black material.  It features our trademarked Grapehound logo printed on it in two beautiful complimentary colors, lavender and burgundy. 

Just $5 each!  Shipping is free!

This mask is machine washable so you can always take a clean mask with you on errands or shopping.  This mask will save you a lot of money over those expensive disposable paper masks that get thrown away after a few uses.  It is much thicker than the one or two ply homemade  cloth masks. 

It also looks much more stylish because it shows your love of wine and greyhounds.  (Who knew?)

Best of all, your purchase of this mask helps us to keep bringing  greyhounds to forever homes in the Northeast.  Some of our participating adoption groups depend heavily on our donations.  Let's not leave any greyhounds behind.

CUSTOMS CHARGES Canadian or non-United States buyers may incur customs charges.  We will let you know what the customs charges are when we go to mail your shirt.  If you feel it's too much, we can issue you a refund.